Bandage vs Bodycon Dresses: Which one you pick?

Bandage vs Bodycon Dresses: Which one you pick?

Bandage and bodycon dresses are both known for their ultra-clingy, curve-hugging silhouettes. But when it comes to these sexy, fitted styles, there are some key differences between the two.

What is a Bandage Dress?

A bandage dress is constructed from multiple strips of stretchy fabric that wrap tightly around the body. The strips are sewn together vertically to create a ribbed or bandage-like effect. This pull-and-stretch fabrication sculpts the body's shape. Bandage dresses are extremely figure-hugging from top to bottom.

What is a Bodycon Dress?

The term "bodycon" stands for body-conscious. A bodycon dress is made from a stretchy, lightweight fabric that clings extremely close to the body. The fabric has lots of spandex for elasticity and flexibility. Unlike a bandage dress, a bodycon has panels cut from a single piece of fabric, not strips sewn together.

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Key Differences:

  • Fabric - Bandage dresses have that distinctive ribbed texture from the woven fabric strips. Bodycon fabrics are smooth with lots of stretch.
  • Construction - Bandage dresses mold to the body with strategically placed fabric strips. Bodycons use stretchy, figure-skimming fabrics.
  • Curve accentuation - Bandage dresses really amplify and accentuate every curve. Bodycons provide a tight fit but are a bit more forgiving.
  • Comfort - Many find bodycons more comfortable for all-day wear because of the flexible, jersey-type fabrics. The snugness of bandage dresses can feel constricting.
  • Ease of movement - Bodycons allow for easier movement with looser fabrics that won't restrict bending. Bandage dresses limit mobility.While both flaunt the figure, bandage dresses really sculpt the body's shape while bodycon dresses smooth and drape over curves.

The bandage dress has a much more constructed, shaped effect while the bodycon relies on stretch fabrics to hug the natural curves. So which one you pick? Leave your idea to discuss with us !

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